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Importance of Education Essay in 200 Words (Essay on importance of education in our life) It is said that education is the key to success. Education plays a vital role in our life. Human life is full of challenges. Education reduces the stress and challenges of our life. Generally, education is a process of gaining knowledge. 1. Everyone needs to have a specific goal or dream in their life. 2. That’s why I also have a dream in my life. Advertisement. 3. I want to serve the needy people and want to help them at every moment. 4. That’s my dream and that’s why I am trying to become a doctor. In this article, Smith argues that hate speech on campus could be limited based on previous cases that limit workplace harassment based on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and that limit hostile speech in classrooms. Title IX also potentially protects students from hate speech as harassment. This article points to the importance of context when.
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